Brougham Castle

Built on the site of an old Roman fort (Brocavum)which guarded the crossing of the River Eamont. by Robert de Vieuxpont, in the early 13th. century.

It has a double gatehouse and was another of the castles reinforced by the Clifford family and used as a barrier to Scottish raiders. Robert Clifford inherited the castle in 1823 and was invloved in the campaigns of Edward I against the Scots, making major improvements to the castle to strengthen it. He died in 1314 at the battle of Bannockburn. Lady Anne Clifford died here in 1676, in the room her father had been born in. After this it suffered the same fate as Brough Castle as it was inherited by the Earl of Thanet who decided to use stone and fitments from his inherited castles to concentrate on improvements to Appleby Castle.

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