Aerial Views of the Eden Valley

Dent Bridge
The photographs shown on this page were taken by Simon Ledingham, who flies an auto gyro based at Carlisle airport. They offer a unique view of Maulds Meaburn and the surrounding area.
Many thanks to Simon for supplying the photographs and giving me permission to use them on my website.
More of Simon's photographs can be seen HERE

New houses on Meaburn Hill Maulds Meaburn from the South

The top photograph shows the southern end of the village with the new village hall at the bottom of the picture. The photo also gives a fine view of Dent Bridge, Stepping Stones and Thwaites Cottages.

The next two photographs show the new houses built on Meaburn Hill, the second of the two being taken from the South, showing the length of the village built either side of Lyvennet Beck.

Village centre

This photograph shows the centre of the village with the weir just off centre and the old school by the beck.


Flass Academy of Performing Arts

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