A small village 5 miles from Maulds Meaburn and North of Tebay. To its North is Orton Scar from which there is a good view over the village towards the upper reaches of the River Lune and Tebay Gorge.

It is a popular short detour from the Coast to Coast walk which runs nearby.

All Saints' Church All Saints' Church at Orton is mostly late medieval with a nave roof of the 15th century. A footpath to one side of the church leads on to the Coast to Coast path.

The village also has a Tea Room which is very popular with walkers and cyclists, especially during the Summer.

The village is now also becoming famous for its Farmers Market which is held on the second Saturday of every month. The market has its own website - click here.

Orton Village

Chocolate In the centre of the village is Kennedy's Chocolate shop. Here you can indulge yourself with an amazing selection of hand made chocolates and ice cream made on the premesis. There is also a cafe attached to the shop that is a recent addition.

Well worth a visit.

George Whitehead, a man that influenced the growth of the Society of Friends, was born in the village in 1636. He joined the Society at the age of 14, and became an itenerant Quaker preacher in many parts of the country. He was imprisoned for a time, but he improved the legal status of the Friends by interviews with sovereigns.

Orton from the Church Orton Church

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