Askham Village

Askham village is a small beautiful village close to Lowther Hall. It is on several popular walking routes and its two pubs are very popular in Summer.

Askham means - "the place with Ash trees". Its houses are mainly mid 17th & 18th century. At the North West end of the village stands Askham Hall which was originally a 14th century Pele Tower but was converted into an Elizabethan mansion in 1574 by Thomas Sandford. It was in his family until 1828 when it became a rectory. It now belongs to the Earl of Lonsdale whose family moved here from nearby Lowther Castle when it became too expensive to upkeep. Lowther Castle itself was itself built between 1806 and 1811 but now only the facade remains.
Lowther probably is old Norse and comes from lauthra-a which means "foaming river".

Lowther Church St Peter's Church
St Michael's church - burial place of the Lowther family St Peter's church rebuilt by Robert Smirke in 1832

Askham Hall Bridge over the Lowther
Askham Hall - home of the Earl of Lonsdale Bridge over the River Lowther

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