Bolton is a village a few miles from Maulds Meaburn with the River Eden flowing nearby and an be accessed by crossing a two arched red sandstone bridge that was built in 1870. Records show the village existed in AD 800 The church of All Saints dates from the 1100's with parts of the church being Norman in origin. Built into the wall at the back of the church is a scene of two knight jousting - thought to be one of only two that exist in the country.

All Saints Church
The local pub

River walk near Bolton

Red Sandstone Bridge over the River Eden (1870)

The Pinfold Cones (1996 - 2002)

There are 6 of these cones built in pinfolds originally used to hold stray animals. They can be found in Crosby Ravensworth, Church Brough, Raisbeck, Outhgill, Warcop and of course Bolton.

They were created by the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and are supposed to be based on the piles of stones called the Nine Standards found on the hills above Brough where Goldsworthy lived at one time. A seventh structure was due to be set up in Wigton and recently plans were made to complete one here.


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