Great Salkeld

Gt Salkeld is a 35min drive from Maulds Meaburn. Once on droving routes (hence the pub name) to the south, it is now close to the coast to coast walk and cycle routes. Cattle used to be watered at a nearby dub, which is now home to the protected great crested newt. The village has great views towards the Pennine Fells.

St. Cuthberts Church
The local pub - The Highland Drove

There has probably been a church here since 880AD when the body of St Cuthbert was rested here on its journey from Holy Island. St Cuthbert's was rebuilt in 1080 and the defensive pele tower (one of three in Cumbria) was built in 1380 to protect villagers from the Scots. There is still an iron clad door to be seen, a fireplace and dungeons. The bell tower boasts a peel of six bells and a clock dating from 1692.

Sandstone cottages close to the pub

Looking across the graveyard to the main road


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