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There are several places to stay for short or long term breaks in the area. If you just want a good meal out you can be catered for in the village or locally.


Trainlands is a 17th. century farmhouse once the home of the Dent family, important landowners in the area. An extension was added in the 18th. century (1755) and this date can be seen over the front door. It is said that one of the Dent family had the bridge over the Lyvennett to the south of the village built to make it easier for the family to get to and from church.

In 1616 a Robert Dent married an Elizabeth Winter in Crosby and her father owned a small holding of about 10 acres at Trainlands with a farmhouse. The father Anthony Winter had no sons so Trainlands came to the Dent family. Six generations of the Dent family farmed Trainlands from 1616 to around 1801.

It has been suggested that the word "Trainlands" came partly from "traini" the old Norse word for crane, and that a possible derivation could be that Trainlands means "crane-haunted lands". Indeed cranes have been seen in the area.

Today it is a working farm that had around 70 dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep.

Escape to the Eden Valley to a beautiful 16th C Cumbrian, Westmorland longhouse. Bed and Breakfast and self-catering holiday cottage accommodation available for short stays and weekend breaks. Evening meals for groups of 6 or more available to non residents.

They offer a relaxing mix of traditional Westmorland hospitality in 3 very individual en suite rooms but with modern comforts like showers, tea making facilities & central heating, alongside the oak beams and creaky floorboards. The part of the house including the Dining room and Lyvennet bedroom dates from the sixteenth century with a small section of the original "heck" (wooden panelling acting as a room divider) which goes back to the days when Meaburn Hill was a one up and one down. The house has been added to in each century since and is listed as a fairly typical Westmorland longhouse. They are pleased to provide meals for those guests who prefer not to drive further, once in for the evening. It's a non smoking house, and folk are welcome to bring their own alcoholic drinks while we investigate the possibility of applying for a table licence.

The cooking is done on an old Aga but with old family recipes and experience in France where the owner completed her catering and hospitality course. Some thing must have worked as she has been awarded a Red eggcup grading (indicating exceptional breakfasts) by the AA, and has recently been acclaimed as AA Landlady of the year 2004.

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